This is the real reason you can’t lose weight !!

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4 min readMar 31, 2022
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Are you tired of being fat but don’t have the time or energy to go to the gym? Do you feel disgusted when you look at the mirror, cruse yourself, feel bad and then eat a lot to feel good? Are you stuck in that negative loop of self-harm and criticism? Now that you are paying attention, hold it till the end for the secret.
From Jan to March-2022 I lost 6.7kgs. I came down from 81.6 to 74.9. The ideal amount of weight you should lose in a month is 2kgs, so I would I’m on track.

Just to let you know I still haven’t joined any GYM. Until the last month, I didn’t even do any exercise not even walking.

How did I achieve this and how could you do the same?

It started 4 months back when I was trying to start my life in the tech city Bangalore. I was reading a lot of articles and trying to figure out the science and methods behind weight loss.
After reading I knew a lot but still wasn’t able to implement it in life.

“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” : Dr. Albert Einstein

For a few days, I would control my diet a lot, lift those dumbbells and when those cravings would hit and I’m back on my fucked up lifestyle of eating junk, usually late at night and a lot.

Then I remembered what a friend from college wrote.he’s is insanely fit and has the physique of those Insta bodybuilders, from those cutting edge six-packs to the muscular biceps, the dude has it all. But physical form is not his greatest strength. He is intellectual and writes a lot. One day I came across a similar blog of his.

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Here’s his article My Brutally Honest Answer to “How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off by Neeramitra Reddy. His article summarised: Change your lifestyle, don’t focus on weight loss.
This struck me hard. My lifestyle was fucked up more than those camels shoving in gallons of food and here I was executing the dumbbells reps after reps like a dimwit.

So I tried to change my way of living. This life that I’ve been living for around 4 years now, eating late as 1–2 am, eating a full day's worth of meals at a time, not even a bit of exercise, sleeping at 3 am, wake at 11–1 pm in the morning and now in 4 days I want to eat healthier, eat lesser and go running for 5kms, that too 6 am in the morning. Of course, it failed miserably. Developed into an even more unpleasant lifestyle.

Now I remembered what James Clear wrote in his book The Atomic Habits.

The only way I made progress -the only choice I had - was to start small: James Clear

I stopped the whole lot stupid and begin newfangled. I started with my breakfast. In my last article, I mentioned a effortless technique to kickstart your healthy lifestyle. I used those fruits I ordered to replace my breakfast. Now instead of a heavy carbs breakfast, I was eating fibrous fruits in the morning. Once my breakfast cravings were under control I moved to lunch and then finally dinner.

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I cut my daily calories intake from 2000–2500 to 1200–1300 calories/day which was my daily requirement for weight loss. I started losing weight gradually and sustainably. Since I didn’t spend those 2 hours in the gym, even when I was busy or tired, my weight loss didn’t take a break. All I needed was to be who I’ve become.

Of course, after around 2 months I had to start exercising or walking a bit since your weight loss becomes slow as you progress further. I’ll hold the science for another article.

You can’t lose weight by being this ‘all eating green pig monster ’that you have become. You have to change back to the ‘little youthful bubbly self’ that you were at some point in your life.
And to do that all you need to do is start small, like breakfast. The rest will fall in place.

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” : Lao Tzu

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